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Tips and Suggestions
Key Factors
Easy to Apply No Scrubbing, No Rinsing 4 scoops to a gallon of water, and apply with a pump up sprayer. Safe Safely use around plants and grass. Versatile Safe to use on various surfaces. Easy to Maintain Repeat application once a month or when new stains appear. Established Proven for over 26 years, nationally, regionally. No Expiration Snowcap has an unlimited shelf life, in liquid or powder form. No Harsh Fumes No harmful chemicals in the air. Will Not Harm Sewer
1. Follow SNOWCAP mixing instructions for best results.  The strength of the SNOWCAP solution is adequate when mixed as directed. If a white residue has occurred, then one of the following has happened. A. SNOWCAP was applied to heavily. B. SNOWCAP was mixed too strongly. RINSE WITH A GARDEN HOSE TO REMOVE. 2. When spraying on vertical surfaces such as a wall or a house, start at the top and work down.  Reapply if needed to remove all the stain. 3. When applying if overspray gets on glass, rinse immediately. 4. Do not apply to manufactured paint, stains or bricks that contain iron oxide pigments. 5. Test apply on an inconspicuous area before using.
Apply SNOWCAP with any Garden Sprayer and well water rust stains disappear. No Scrubbing! No Rinsing!
Quick! Easy! Fast!
What type of sprayer should I use?
Company’s We Recommend That Use Snowcap Products
Aquarius Water Company
5914 State Route 674 Wimauma, FL 33598 Phone:  813-634-3134
Hague Quality Water
814 East College Parkway Annapolis, MD Phone:  410-757-2992

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